Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil

Benefits of Rosewood Essential Oil
Benefits of rosewood essential oil on skin

What are the benefits of rosewood essential oil? Rosewood is a species of tree in the family Lauraceae magnoliids. Its common name is the Brazilian rosewood and rosewood tree. Growing up in parts of the tropical forest of South America. This is a rare species that can produce oil for life.

This plant is very important because if the wood distilled, it can produce rosewood essential oil. This tree collected in the wild. After logging, tree wood cut into the length of a meter which taken to the River Bank and deposited there. And then brought to the distillery, and the steam will be distilled. Each tree produces about 1% heavy oil from the wood. The majority of production worldwide came from Brazil. Rosewood essential oil is valuable, particularly in fragrances and health.

5 health benefits of rosewood essential oil

The benefits of rosewood essential oil for the modern lifestyle. For you many activities, the need to bring this tiny bottle of aromatherapy. For so aromatherapy using the diffuser on the Office desk also can. Well, what are benefits of rosewood essential oil? This is it!

1. Benefits of rosewood essential oil on skin

Premature aging is identical to the male. It turns out that rosewood oil can help reduce its markings such as wrinkle, dry skin, and freckles on the face. For people who had scars and less unsightly, it also disguised with this rosewood essential oils.

The recipes: maximum 2-5 mix drops of oil rosewood into each teaspoon (5 ml) base oil (olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil), or body lotion.

2. increase the body’s immune system

For people with many activities but eating less nutritious food, sure there are effects on health. Such as coughs and colds transmitted through the air. Well, benefits of rosewood essential oil help reduce a cough and flu.

Procedure to use: use the ultrasonic diffuser or furnace burner. Turn on the diffuser, pour 5 drops of rosewood oil into a container of the furnace. Breathe in the scents and steam from his aromatherapy to feel the benefits of rosewood essential oil.

3. Relieve travel sickness/jet-lag

Did you like traveling out of town use plane, train, bus or ship? or a walk in the city ride using public transportation? Bring rosewood essential oil and a small bottle of base oil inside the bag. Due to rosewood essential oil can relieve a hangover on the way or tired after the trip.

Procedure to use: combine 2-5 drops of rosewood oil into each 5 ml/1 teaspoon oil base. And then rub it on the right the left brow, neck, and shoulders, and then massage it lightly to get benefits of rosewood essential oil.

4. Help improve intuition in spiritual practice

Spiritual practice here for example if people like to do yoga and meditation in the sports night prayers. Aromatherapy rosewood oil melted in a diffuser can improve concentration. Also, it increased relaxation in the spiritual practices of yesteryear.

5. Relieve stress, anger, and tension

A lot of work in the Office sometimes make you get stress. Stacked coursework plus exams can make stress as well. Premenstrual usually like grumpy is not clear. Relieve stress, anger and strained with rosewood essential oil. So that the mind is calmer and everything worked so smoothly.

Procedure to use: If there is no emergency diffuser, use hot water from the dispenser. Then, squirt 2-5 drops of rosewood oil and breathe in the aroma of pungent.