Benefits of Phaleria Fruit

Benefits of phaleria fruit
Benefits of Phaleria fruit

What are the benefits of Phaleria fruit? Phaleria macrocarpa or Phaleria fruit is a plant native to Indonesia. Plants originating from West Papua is regularly ornamental plants in the yard of the house. Also, it regularly uses as medicinal herbal drugs. Usually, this done with a fruit preserving several ways: cooling, drying, and canning.

The drying done on the Phaleria fruit aims to reduce the water content of the material. So, the remaining water cannot be used as a medium of microbial life destroyer. However, it can prolong the save the Phaleria fruit. In Indonesia, they consume the Phaleria fruit with brew the fruit that has experienced the drying process.

The content of the Phaleria fruit

Substances in the Phaleria fruit are the alkaloid, saponin, flavonoid, and polyphenol. The alkaloid is detoxification that can neutralize toxins in the body. Then, the saponins, which used as the source of anti-bacteria, anti-virus, and boost the immune system. Also, it increases vitality, reduces blood sugar levels, and reduce blood clotting.

Flavonoids in the Phaleria fruit is useful for blood circulation and prevents clogging of blood vessels. Also, it can reduce cholesterol levels and reduce the fatty deposits on the walls of blood vessels. Also, it can reduce the levels of risk coronary heart disease and helps reduce pain if there is bleeding or swelling. While the polyphenols in Phaleria fruit serves as an antihistamine.

Health benefits of Phaleria fruit

1. Disease control cancer

Antioxidants in the Phaleria fruit very rich so increasingly developed to fight cancer. The compounds in the Phaleria fruit has the function to turn off the cancer cells and inhibit its growth.

2. Treat impotence

Saponin in the Phaleria fruit can help treat impotence. Also, these compounds function increases the vitality of the body against various viruses and bacteria.

3. Benefits of Phaleria fruit to treat hemorrhoids

The flavonoid help reduces the pain and swelling when there are hemorrhoids. Also, it will help improve blood circulation in the anus that effective to treat hemorrhoids disease.

4. Addressing the disease of diabetes mellitus

Saponins contained in the Phaleria fruit useful to reduce sugar levels in the blood. So, the fruit extracts will be very useful for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.

5. Relieve and Cure allergies

Polyphenol substances found on the Phaleria fruit that serves as anti-allergic substances. Then, antiallergic will help the body to increase the body’s immunity to various food allergies.

6. Tackle the disease that attacks the liver and heart disease

The content of Saponin and flavonoid substances will help us to reduce a backlog of cholesterol in the blood and the heart. So, the benefits of Phaleria fruit can reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

7. Benefits of Phaleria fruit to treat kidney disorders

The alkaloid substances in the Phaleria fruit who serves as the substance detoxification. These substances neutralize toxins in the body and throw it through the dirt. So, it will be very helpful to our kidney performance.

8. Treating and rejuvenating the skin, treat Eczema and itching as well as cope with Acne

Vitamin and mineral content in the Phaleria fruit will help the regeneration of the skin and help reduce the toxin in the body.

9. Benefits of Phaleria fruit help improve immunity

A variety of substances above will help us to maintain the health of the body.

10. Treat Gout

The Phaleria fruit is an alternative for those of you who want a healthy body and free will of uric acid. The compounds in Phaleria fruit powerful to keep the immune system. Also, helping overcome diseases related to blood circulation.