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Benefits of Phaleria Fruit – PUBLIC HEALTH ARTICLES … Lyric

Benefits of Phaleria fruit. What are the benefits of Phaleria fruit? Phaleria macrocarpa or Phaleria fruit is a plant native to Indonesia. Plants originating from West Papua is regularly ornamental plants in the yard of the house. Also, it regularly uses as …
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10 Benefits of phaleria fruit for Health – InetArticle Lyric

10 Benefits of phaleria fruit for Health – Plant crown god was originally only used as decoration or for roadside only. These plants can thrive in a variety of soil conditions dense and crumbly. Tree crown god can grow as high as 3 meters or more with lush green leaf. Fruit will be attached to the shaft in groups or alone.
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Mahkota Dewa ( Phaleria fruits ) | herbaltraditional Lyric

Phaleria is the most widely used as natural medicines, in addition to leaves and stems. Of the three parts, namely the skin and flesh of the fruit, the shell (shell beans), and seeds, which are generally used as well as skin and flesh of the fruit shell. The fresh, young skin and flesh of the fruit crown the god was sepet-sepet bitter.
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Health Benefits of Phaleria Macrocarpa | Jamu Home … Lyric

Phaleria Macrocarpa is well known as one of Indonesian medicinal plants. In Indonesia, it is called Mahkota Dewa (Crown of god). It comes from Papua.
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PLANT MEDICINES: Benefits of Plants Mahkota Dewa Lyric

Benefits of Plants Mahkota Dewa Here are some benefits Phaleria based on the results of the study: use some dried fruit slices
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