Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil

Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil
Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil

Benefits of Mugwort Essential Oil are protection and a psychic vision. Artemisia vulgaris, sometimes known as the common wormwood herb, and sailors tobacco. Coming from Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. This perennial plant growing until two meters and is very Hardy, some call it a weed.

Popular herbal medicine used in Japan to get health benefits of mugwort essential oil, including colds, flu, headache, and bowel. The leaves and flowers are also used to flavor foods, such as meat and fish, Japan using mugwort to make a variety of sweets. Before the use of hops, mugwort is the preferred flavor ingredients for beer.

Benefits of mugwort essential oil as medications

Mugwort essential oil relieves insomnia and helps with sleepwalking if used as a tea aid digestion. This herb is also known for healing stomach diarrhea, vomiting, and colic. Mugwort contains thujone despite warning toxic dangerous taken in excessive amounts. However, the dried leaves can be smoked to a soothing and calming effect or to reduce pain. Also, Mugwort essential oil is not good for pregnant women.

A tea made from mugwort is particularly helpful to relax the uterus and helps with the end of the period. Take a bath with mugwort has the healing benefits of reducing rheumatism and sore limbs. Mugwort used externally to heal wounds and burns. Mugwort is also a natural wormer for humans and animals.

Traditional use to get benefits of mugwort essential oil

1. Mugwort essential oil helps to relief from acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
2. It helps the immune system.
3. When it burned in lamps the aroma, give relaxation to us.
4. It presents relief from anxiety, hysteria, and epilepsy.
5. Provides relief from soreness and also to treat parasites.
6. Adding a few drops of essential oil of Mugwort to the pillow to promote dreams.
7. As a diuretic, it helps to detoxify the body.
8. It is beneficial for arthritis and gout.
9. It facilitates digestion by promoting the flow of digestive juices.

Procedure to get health benefits of mugwort essential oil

Mugwort releases powerful healing properties through heat. To get that you must roll upholding heat mugwort leaf until smoke appears. Then started to wave the concoction over the body to the purification of the spirit. Drinking tea from mugwort right before bed will help in the process of prophecy and dreaming lucidly. Place the dried herbs in your pillow will induce astral travel, and pleasant dreams.

Mugwort essential oil precautions

1. It should dilute before use.
2. This oil is abortifacient, neuro-toxic, irritant and toxic.
3. It has a toxic effect on the brain and nervous system.
4. It should not use during pregnancy because it can cause abortion.
5. It should not use in aromatherapy.

Mugwort essential oil facts

Mugwort essential oil used as a treatment for amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. It used to improve memory and concentration when combined with Sage and rosemary essential oils. Besides to Health benefits of mugwort essential oil, this oil considered toxic, irritant, neuro-toxic, and abortifacient. This has adverse effects on the brain and nervous system. Also, it resulted in abortions so it is not recommended for pregnant women.