Benefits of Duku Fruit

Benefits of Duku Fruit
Benefits of Duku Fruit

What are the benefits of Duku fruit? Duku fruit is Small round-shaped fruit that often consumed only as a dessert. But this fruit could underutilize as jam, custard, and other fields. Duku fruit greenish color tastes sour if the color has begun to yellowish, this is a sign that the fruit is ripe and Duku had the taste sweeter.

Here are some of the benefits of Duku fruit for proper health:

1. Sources of antioxidants

The benefits of Duku fruit which acts as an antioxidant. The antioxidant serves to avoid the body from damage caused by free radicals. However, this damage caused by the digestive process that converts food into energy in the body. Antioxidants also play a role to prevent the body from damage caused by pollution or toxic substances.

2. Prevents premature aging

The usefulness of the Duku fruit will prevent premature aging. One factor causes premature aging because of free radicals. As mentioned above, vitamin C in fruit effective to keep the body from free radical attack.

3. Strengthen the Teeth

The benefits of Duku fruit to strengthen teeth because the content of phosphorus existing in it. The teeth will become strong and healthy if often consume this fruit.

4. Maintaining healthy Gums

The health of the gums can be treated by consuming vitamin C. Duku fruit had the vitamin C to preserve the health of your gums.

5. Boost the immune system

Vitamin C is necessary for all people to preserve the health of the body. Vitamin C in fruit Duku efficacious immune to keep nutritious and also for people who are in a time of recovery.

6. Lose weight

The benefits of Duku fruit can be used to lose weight. Duku fruit will help the body to get carnitine. Carnitine fat molecules will point to a network of fat burning. So, if carnitine in the body decreases would occur hoarding fat.

7. Launch the digestive system

The Duku fruit contains fiber very high so it is beneficial to launch the digestion. Also, this fruit also effective for preventing cancer in the digestive tract.

8. Maintaining Healthy Skin

Skin health can maintain with often consume food containing vitamin E. Duku fruit also has vitamin E to maintain skin health such as:

1. prevent premature aging
2. smoothes and softens skin
3. keep skin moist
4. keep the skin from UV rays
5. Help wound healing

9. Controlling cholesterol levels

The metabolism of cholesterol in the body will be the bile acids. For sufferers of the cholesterol disease, it can be helped by often consume Duku fruit.

10. Tackling Diarrhoea and fever

The benefits of Duku fruit effectively treat diarrhea. Also, it beneficial to lower the heat or high fever.

11. Repel Mosquitoes

The Duku also has benefits as mosquito repellent or insects such as the benefits of bay leaf. It’s easy, namely by burning the skin of the Duku fruit when will be used as the mosquito or insect repellent.

12. The treatment of Problem skin health

The benefits of Duku fruit not only for health but also beneficial to the skin as overcome acne and smooth skin. The way is simply by rubbing the skin of Duku fruit to face breakouts or skin that is itching.

The content of nutrients in Duku fruit

Lansium domesticum is a plant from Southeast Asia to the West as a member type of the fruit of the Meliaceae. This fruit has a form of a langsat fruit.

The benefits of Duku fruit very diverse, derived from his nutritional. In 100 grams of fruit:

calories of 7 kcal
Iron-0.9 mg
protein 1.0 g
carbohydrate 13 g
fat 0.2 g
0.7 grams of minerals and much more

Duku fruit also contains vitamin C and vitamin E which is as antioxidants.