Behavior Based Safety Training

behavior based safety training activities
behavior based safety training

The basic requirements as an employer, accident prevention is the responsibility of the owner of a company. The top management is expecting in unsafe behavior as outlined by safety regulations and procedures.One of the best solutions is Behavior based safety training for an employer.

Behavior based safety training program is not complicated. There are five main products you need to make sure that your program includes. This programs may have more than five items. But at a minimum, if your company want to pass ISNetworld’s review team, you must include this five items.

Five things you need to include in your Behavior based safety training manual:

1. Behavior based safety training materials must explicitly state that the Superintendent and management are observing employees work behavior. And you must record this observations result.

2. Behavior based safety training exercises must address that individuals know most trained on the process of observation. And how to complete the form of representation. Beside that, This training should include what the purpose of the program and the metrics. For example, Does your company have a problem with an ankle injury, last year? If so, one of the metrics can be a household, keep the workplace free from clutter.

If your goal is to remove the injury to the ankle, then this should include in your behavior-based safety training manual. The training must also include a description of what behavior means and how a mentor or coach teach this. It is important to include in your behavior based safety training programs that employees know that they are observing all the time.

Always make sure the observation going well

3. Behavior based safety training programs must address the considerations. The observer should finish after speaking to employees. The trainee must use the technique of “sandwich.” Start with the complete found in what they are doing right. This data strengthens the work practices that are safe. Then discuss work practices are not secure and make sure to create a dialogue and not a lecture. Finish the conversation on an actual data with other complementary work practices.There are safe observed and mentioned would be no consequences for unsafe behavior observed during the training process.

4. Behavior based safety training activities should discuss how the company intends to use the data from observations and how the company wants to conduct the analysis of trends. Top management wants to know it safe work behavior is increasing or decreasing. If Unsafe action is increasing, then the possibility of an accident or incident is also on the rise.

How about training manual?

5. Lastly, behavior based safety training manual must address what you want to do after you complete the analysis of trends. After you prioritize the work practices that are unsafe. Management needs to develop a plan to reduce or eliminate workplace practices are not secure.

Your behavior-based safety training must contain many other elements.For example, include many features that you feel necessary to create a safe working environment.But at least programs must provide five elements listed above if you would like for it to pass the review team ISNetworld.