Average Cost for Botox per Unit

average cost for botox per unit
Average cost for Botox per unit

How much average cost for Botox per unit? Botox is one of the most innovative beauty therapy, perhaps the most popular in the world. But the cost is often a mystery to even the most experienced users. Botox prices fluctuate widely. As a rule of thumb, the clinic cost “per area”, although some of them covered in “per unit”, which guides to a big difference in the cost of treatment.

Factors that affect average cost for Botox per unit

Here are the most important factors that affect the average cost for Botox per unit:

1. The size of the areas that require therapy
More areas you want to get injections, the more expensive the procedure cost. However, many Botox clinics offer discounts to treat multiple areas.

2. The doses required for therapy
If your wrinkles rate is heavy, more units of Botox injections needed. And the cost increased.

3. Areas that require treatment
Some areas may require more units of Botox than others. For example, the armpit may require more units than the laugh lines.

4. Physical location
Botox prices tend to be higher in large cities like Washington and Texas.

5. The reputation of the person carrying out the Botox treatment
You do not need to be a qualified doctor to inject Botox, so you might get a lower price if you choose a technician Botox injections.

Average cost for Botox per unit or by the ounce

Botox cosmetic is an aesthetic medical syringe sold in “the unit.” The average cost of Botox in big cities ranging from $15 to $25 per unit on average or $200-$ 600 per therapy area. The exact cost depends on how much Botox you need to treat the area desired. The amount of Botox you need is defined by the provider. Their decision how many Botox units for use depends on the outcome you want. Once this decision made, you will receive a price quote for your procedure.

Average cost for Botox per unit in the big city

The real value of Botox is what you pay per unit, and it is the most common method for Botox price. Although most Botox prices range from $15 to $25 per unit, some providers add an additional basic fee before Botox injected. This basic fee usually increases the cost for $55-$ 75 per Botox procedure. In this case, it is the best method to calculate the average cost for Botox per unit is to divide the total cost by the number of units used.

With this method, a common pricing system will cost $550 to the first area, $450 for the second area, and $350 for the third area.

The provider of Botox are common and this affects the price?

To choose a provider of Botox, you should know the three most common types. The most common type of provider of Botox physician practices that dedicated specifically to injecting cosmetics. Physicians typically spend their days doing injections. Both kinds of doctors who inject Botox are people who specialize in injections but do so as part of a larger exercise. The third type of professionals who do Botox injections which specially trained nurses and Physician’s Assistants.

Why Botox discounts and should I choose this option?

To introduce new treatments for patients with the first Botox often discounted. However, subsequent therapies not discounted because of the price cuts not enough to service providers to stay in business. If you don’t want to do that, you can search for the physician can give a discounted price. However, to choose a provider of Botox that you can ask a friend for a reference. Also you can searching in internet the providers that give special discount.