Automatic Fire Suppression System

automatic fire suppression system
Automatic fire suppression system for kitchen hood

To minimize the risk of fires, automatic fire suppression system installed to fire handling immediately done. However, automatic fire suppression system can operate without human intervention. To do so, it must have the component to detection, activation, and delivery the extinguisher agents. In many systems, detection achieved by the mechanical or electrical sensor.

The remote manual operation also possible and locally. Activation typically involves either the liquid pressure and release the valve, or in some cases an electric pump. Delivery carried out by pipe and nozzle. Nozzle design specific to the agent that used and the desired coverage.

Automatic fire detection and suppression system is a series of tools for the prevention of a fire blazing in a place with break the cycle of oxygen. In other description, if this tool works occur chemical reactions that would automatically extinguish the fire in the area. In addition to work automatically, this tool enabled manually by a switch and then watered to the source of the fire. Firefighting materials used on the automatic fire suppression system can use a variety of, such as:
a. fm200
c. CO2 system
f. aff foam
The selection of ingredients according to the place installed the automatic fire extinguishers.

How automatic fire suppression system work?

This automatic fire suppression system work if the detector experienced a rupture due to already reach the point of a certain temperature. Then, the material inside the tube inflated due to hotness then from the press power tube will solve the glass that protects the outside of the tube and eject the extinguisher agents to put out the fire.

In outside the tube, because of extinguisher agents lighter than air so the blackout put out the fire from the bottom. Along with the ascending then fire at the top will also put out properly. Also, in 3-5 minutes after the fire extinguished, the gas will disappear by itself. In one automatic fire suppression system, there are at least ten gas-forming materials, such as ammonium sulfate, urea, and other substances that certainly not harmful to human health when the tool works.

The range of automatic fire suppression system

The automatic clean agent fire suppression system will work effectively approximately 7-8 meter square of surrounding environment installation. Then, it advisable to install more extinguishers in a large room, so that all parts of the room protected properly. Setting the distance to each other to customize the design of the room. This tool is working normally at a temperature of 90 C-110 C.

The use of automatic fire suppression system will work effectively and good for indoors. Examples of automatic fire suppression system make that shaped like a tube and mounted on the ceiling of the room. The place of its use, such as in the data center space, kitchen, space generator, and machinery.

This automatic foam fire suppression system can be installed in any type of vehicles. For any size can be adjusted with the volume of the vehicle. Having regard to the fire-prone point on each vehicle, this tool can be a safety guard for the driver.