Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

automatic fire sprinkler system
Automatic fire sprinkler system components

Each homeowner is responsible to have smoke detectors, but few have the kind of automatic fire sprinkler system installed. It is true, that a home using smoke detectors well-maintained in each room is possible to detect a fire in its early stages. Which greatly increases the chances of escape safely. But to me, I want the best protection for my family.

The manufacturers have made equipment for factories and warehouses. Also, even in Office buildings over the years, but never quite made the full plunge into the consumer market. It is a shame because they are a Logical extension of the smoke detector. The way that automatic fire sprinkler system works very simple. When smoke detected in the weight room, triggering the sprinklers in the ceiling. It’s raining huge amounts of water – enough to put out the fire in its early stages or to slow the more advanced.

Automatic fire sprinkler system design guide

Of course, automatic fire sprinkler system have their weaknesses that make them a kind of problematic for environmental households. Have that much rain in a room can really put a damper on your day. Carpets, books, clothes, and even the walls can be destroyed, and mold growth can be stimulated by thoroughly soaking the room. This means that automatic fire sprinkler system not a good idea for the kitchen fire suppression or room connected.

How does an automatic fire sprinkler system work?

Automatic fire sprinkler system usually use wet pipe, filled with water out of a reliable water supply. The installation pressurized with a guaranteed alarm valve in an open position. When fire sprinkler exposed to enough time to temperatures or at above the temperature rating of heat sensitive element releases. Allowing water to flow from the only exposed sprinkler. Additional fire sprinklers can also operate if they are also exposed to enough heat.

When this happens the water supply from the water will pass through the fire sprinkler alarm valve affected and also pass a Buzzer alarm. The resulting pressure drop will also enable the alarm pressure switch, which in turn will activate an alarm call the fire department.

The flow switch will also operate in the affected part of a fire sprinkler system, show the location of the water flow. The flow switch will show the location of fire indicator panel. The water supply isolated by closing the valve stops.

Automatic fire sprinkler system benefits

Of course, in an environment where automatic fire sprinkler system has traditionally used. It is no problem at all. Smoke in the kitchen might just mean a cooking accident is small, but the smoke in a warehouse of the manufacturer is almost always trouble. The same applies to an office building or a factory. In the room, the bedroom, and the halls automatic fire sprinklers system only makes sense. Although they are expensive, and not actually eliminate the chance of fire. Automatic fire sprinkler systems in general opinion, it deserves because it does not make my family a bit more secure.