Asperger Symptoms in Adults

asperger symptoms in adults
Asperger Symptoms in Adults

Talking about autism, let me tell you about the autistic spectrum, Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). Named after Hans Asperger, pediatrician Austria, Asperger’s syndrome is characterized as one of the pervasive development disorder or as mentioned earlier, autism spectrum disorder. If you are looking for more information on this, the text below will talk about Asperger’s in adults, or be more specific, Asperger symptoms in adults.

Asperger Symptoms in Adults

Asperger symptoms in adults mostly revolve around social interaction patterns of behavior and interests. Most often than not, men are more prone to being diagnosed with this syndrome.

Problems dealing with your emotions

Well, it’s miserable, but people who suffer from Asperger syndrome may lack demonstration of empathy. They have trouble understanding other people’s feelings and reciprocating. Also, the verbal behavior patterns of disorders like eye contact, (shifty eyes, so do not look people in the eye) of facial expression, adding to this feeling in others rather than individuals (suffering from Asperger’s), did not respond to them in the right way. Also, people who deal with this issue too difficult to control his emotions.

Not good at social interactions

One of the main Asperger symptoms in adults is the difficulty in relating to others orally and develop and build relationships. They are not looking for that is shared or achievements with other people. But the flip side is that, unlike people who have autism, individuals with the US approach the people despite their way, strange and awkward. That is, they may be awkward to go on rambling about what interests them, without recognition or realization if someone else was paying attention to it or not or is he is interested or not. All of this was mainly because of a lack of understanding about the views of others. It also results in a lack of skills to engage and enjoy conversation and small talk.

Physical weakness
Other Asperger symptoms in adults are poor muscle coordination. Symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome is posture and awkward movements stiff and odd. These individuals have problems with rhythm, balance, manual dexterity, hand-written and visual perception. Even in individuals that there is a possibility that there has been a delay in the development of motor skills in childhood.

Plus between Minus

Fortunately, Asperger’s syndrome in adults have an average intelligence in some cases above or if not; they have average intelligence. Also, the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome in adults include visual perception and hearing. These individuals can quickly recognize a last minute change in patterns, for example, the setting or settings familiar images and objects. They are very curious about the order and routine and relies on it.

This is the identifier of the Asperger’s in adults. Also, here are some different behavior of Asperger syndrome and adults who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome.

Having trouble reading or understanding other people’s humor and metaphorical use of language.
Rigid social behavior because of the inability to spontaneously adapt to a variety of social situations.
They have particular areas of interest or hobby.
People with Asperger’s syndrome can sometimes appear to have a better understanding of adult or inappropriate.
All these symptoms are prevalent and may vary according to the individual. But then these things usually associated with Asperger symptoms in adults.

Asperger in adults is a somewhat better situation to handle than on children as with adults there is a chance that they know what is wrong with them and how it can control. There was no cure to date for this, unconditional love and support.