Aquaphor Samples for Healthcare Professionals

aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals
Aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals

Aquaphor skin care is a brand of over the counter ointment that offered in four ranges of products: there is two protective skin lotion. Also, the original Aquaphor ointment, used as agents and Aquaphor healing ointment advanced treatment, compounding for sale at mass retail outlets. With a range of other products including Aquaphor lip repair and protect SPF 30, and Aquaphor baby. Then, what are Aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals?

Aquaphor is already available in the U.S. market for over 90 years by the Food and Drug Administration’s OTC Skin Protectant Monograph. It is contain 41% include petrolatum while defending minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

The Aquaphor is adopted and approved by professional health care for minor Defects. Aquaphor absorbs natural tree skin wounds, keeping the wound moist to help promote healing. Also, Aquaphor has not contained fragrances, preservatives, and dyes.

Not like Vaseline, which is an occlusive, Aquaphor to form a barrier on the skin of occlusive spring. Also, This part allows the transmission of water and oxygen, which is important to speed up the healing of wounds and the formation of the environment moist healing patron.

The ingredient of Aquaphor

Before you try to get Aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals, let’s know about the element of Aquaphor.

The first item petrolatum was forming an occlusive barrier on the skin and help retain moisture.

Mineral oil
Colorless, odorless, oil lamps, usually obtained as a derivative of crude oil is very smooth. Also, baby oil scented mineral oil variety.

Lanolin alcohol
Subfraction Lanolin, a mixture of hydrocarbons that impart emulsifying properties and provides emollient . Lanolin is composed of cholesterol, sterols, and fatty acids. Besides, a moisturizer that contains a mixture of cholesterol and fatty acids has been shown to provide skin benefits

The natural moisturizing factor and humectant that draws and binds moisture in the stratum of the Horn, helping to keep it hydrated. Accordingly, Glycerin usually used as a moisturizing agent lotions, creams, and cosmetics

Pro also known as Vitamin B5, when applied topically, has the nature of a humectant and skin conditions.

bisabolol can have an anti-inflammatory effect, anti-pruritic and healing in vivo

The candle comes from a natural wax ozokerite purification.

How to get Aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals?

As we know, sample product is useful to learn about product quality, especially now for Aquaphor product. Then you can get Aquaphor samples for healthcare professionals in

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