ANSI Class 2 Safety Vest

ansi class 2 safety vest
ANSI class 2 safety vests definition

In real life, we will see law enforcement officers, fire rescue and construction workers dressed in neon or bright ANSI class 2 safety vest. What is the purpose of wearing brightly colored outfits like that? The main reason why certain professionals wear a luminous vest of this kind was due to feature high visibility.

The Law Enforcement officer or fire rescue wearing this type of safety vest that easily identified. Also, to be highly visible in the dark, a type of waterproof jacket, it is very useful during the rainy season. ANSI class 2 safety vest who holds the brand name is the right person to purchase as it signifies protection, durability, and functionality.

ANSI class 2 safety vest standards

One such standard is the standard ANSI/ISEA 207-2006. This rule applied to protect emergency responders by increasing their visibility to peers, as well as other individuals who are in their work area. It details the basic requirements needed for the various safety features, such as design and high visibility.

High visibility vest comes in colors like neon green, yellow and orange. There is ANSI class 2 safety vest designed specifically to worn by women. Types of vest usually made of PVC or polyester. MaterialsĀ  fireproof and waterproof protection used for fire rescue and law enforcement agencies. Good full sleeve jacket with ANSI class 2 safety vest selected, based on their needs and preferences.

This vest, there horizontal and vertical strips of reflective. Also, typically found in places such as the arm, shoulder, front and back. During the night, when the lights of the vehicle contemplated vest, reflective light Strip that is in material, so that the vest is very noticeable.

ANSI class 2 safety vest requirements

Law enforcement personnel, traffic control, and patrol officers need high visibility vest that can worn at night. When you need the help of the law enforcement officers on the street, it can easily seen if she is wearing a high visibility vest. If there are road accidents at night, vehicles warned of far away when they saw the glowing vest.

At the construction site that the job done even at night. ANSI class 2 safety vest worn by workers to facilitate easy identification. Even officers rescue benefit greatly by using this type of vest. Also, to provide a high visibility vest, made of fireproof material. In the building where there is fire to fire. You can easily see the rescue fire if he wore a hi-visibility vest.

Fire rescue easily seen from a distance because of the use of hi-visibility fluorescent vest. In this way, the officers easily identified and they also fully protected. Purchase ANSI class 2 safety vest ensures safety and functionality, without any compromise on the quality of the ingredients.