Annual Fire Extinguisher Inspection

annual fire extinguisher inspection
Annual fire extinguisher inspection regulations

What is annual fire extinguisher inspection checklist? Each of places required to have their own fire extinguisher as one investment before the occurrence of unwanted things such as fire. But other things also need to do regular maintenance on existing fire extinguishers. Fire Extinguishers need general checkup like annual fire extinguisher inspection. So, the fire extinguishers not experiencing an error due to damage or other things.

As for the extinguishers which have used, it needs to recharge again the extinguisher agent. So, it can function again with the maximum state when needed again. Replenishment needs to be done within a period of 2-5 years or when tubes have been used.

Monthly and annual fire extinguisher inspection

To get the best performance of fire extinguishers, then he had to do some checking fire extinguishers at regular intervals like monthly and annual fire extinguisher inspection. Routine maintenance carried out each month. There is label check that records when the last extinguishers have the inspection. As for inspection such as checking the overall firefighting equipment ranging from the smallest thing to the checking of the contents and gas pressure.

Monthly fire extinguisher inspection

1. Checking with the sight of the needle position, then unfilled positions located on gas or in the green zone in the control area
2. Make sure that the seal is not damaged or loose in the cartridge tube
3. Make sure the funnel has no stains or dirt that interfere with the area
4. Always put the tube in a safe and easily accessible so that the tubes always clean, avoid corrosion, dust and generally closes the area pressure control

5. For dry chemical fire extinguisher, strive to reverse position of the tube periodically. So, the powder does not freeze and return tube again to its original position
6. Make sure that the fire hanged nearby tube remains in the position of a stable and strong.
7. Avoid putting Fire Extinguishers in the area who dealing directly with the sunlight, or exposed to rain
8. We recommend that you put the fire extinguishers that have a cap or box if in outdoors.

Annual fire extinguisher inspection

Here is an annual fire extinguisher inspection each year. In the inspection of fire extinguisher to know the State of each tool still feasible to use.

1. For tubes with powder, check the powder has frozen or moist. Then, fill the annual fire extinguisher inspection tags
2. Make sure that the tube kept clean from dirt, keep the sticker the directions still readable. Then, the equipment such as hoses and funnels not dirty and clogged, clamp the hose and the valve not damaged
3. Make sure that the indicator work properly
4. Make sure the needle to prick the cartridge in a clean and sharp. Then, always do this lubricant on needles in order not to experience a jammed or broken
5. Note the areas of pipes for gas and agent channels always clean.

6. Check the Pen spring and Valve undamaged as bent or broken
7. Check all the rubber seals or o-rings, don’t forget to apply lubricant so that the rubber not experiencing a brittle
8. Preferably performed refilling extinguisher if the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher experiencing a reduction of 10% of the total weight
9. Always check the thread and always apply a lubricant to the screw.
10. Investigate the safety pin back in and seal, and then do the recording and provide alerts on any examination or treatment