AFFF fire extinguisher

afff fire extinguisher
AFFF fire extinguisher rating

AFFF fire extinguisher is the most common type of portable foam fire extinguishers. Many people do not realize that it considered as one of the most effective ways to put off fires from flammable solids such as wood. Also, it suitable for flammable liquid like gasoline, oil, and grease. It can also put electrical appliance fires, but there is the possibility of corrosion that makes this equipment cannot use.

How does an AFFF fire extinguisher work?

This AFFF fire extinguisher works by producing smothering foam, low viscosity allows it to spread. Also, it includes items that catch fire thus closing any oxygen supply that put out the fire. It is like a blanket of foam prevents oxygen and burning material from making any contact so to avoid further burning. AFFF fire extinguisher also allows cooling effect on the temperature when the foam begins to evaporate.

AFFF fire extinguisher agent identified as the red tube that has a cream top of panel hint. Later versions for foam fire equipment is much lighter than before making it much more comfortable to use. Although it is suitable for class A and B fires which means it’s perfect for putting out fire solid and liquid. It not designed for electrical fires. However, AFFF fire extinguisher has a conductivity rating that safe for use near live electrical fires. The CO2 extinguishing agent better than foam to stop the fires caused by electrical appliances.

AFFF fire extinguisher specification

In the United States, there are two requirements for AFFF fire extinguisher maintenance. It has to be through examination of annual basis to check weight and the correct pressure as well. The tube will examine for signs of damage and corrosion while all mechanisms tested.

This procedure to ensure that they are all in good working order and readability of the labels also examined. Further examination conducted every 5 years which includes the test debit. Also, filling of the tubes fire service because the only way to find out if any internal damage or corrosion.

Firefighting is dangerous but early detection and the right action can help reduce injury or damage. If you have the right equipment and have the knowledge to use it, you can contain a fire just starting out.

AFFF fire extinguisher use:

1. Removing the pins and squeeze the grip fire extinguisher discharge
2. If the liquid is burning inside the container, spray directly on the surface of the container edge back above the level of the liquid on fire. This allows a blanket of foam to build and flow on the surface of the liquid to extinguish the fire.
3. If there is no fire stand also returned, directly spray the fire with a gentle sweeping motion. It allowing the foam to drop down and lie on the surface of the liquid on fire.
4. Do not aim spray directly into the liquid because make it ineffective. Aims of the foam directly into the liquid may splash the burning liquid into the surrounding area, potentially spreading the fire.