Advanced Prostate Cancer Symptoms

advanced prostate cancer symptoms
Advanced prostate cancer symptoms and signs

Advanced prostate cancer symptoms including Nocturia. This symptom is a condition awakened in the middle of the night to urinate more than once or twice. Other symptoms are dysuria. Dysuria is complications connected to Genitourinary infections that cause painful urination. This is because the disease has spread into the urinary tract which further leads to urinary tract infections. Asymptomatic passionate prostatitis diagnosed when there is the appearance infection attacking cells that cause common symptoms of prostatitis that painful urination, fever, back and pelvic pain.

Prostate cancer can spread outside the prostate, and when it does it can infect the lungs, lymph nodes and bones and it cannot cure. If the disease has spread through the body of the people can expect to live at least five years or more. Here are some of the advanced prostate cancer symptoms, there are no early warning signs, symptoms occur when a malignant tumor caused the prostate swells.

Advanced prostate cancer symptoms

Listed here are some of the advanced prostate cancer symptoms are helping men to self-diagnose conditions and take necessary measures to stop the extent of the condition.
Not being capable of urinating
hard time starting or stopping the urine flow
Need to urinate frequently, especially at night
A weak flow of urine
Such pain or burning during urination
Difficulties do erections
Blood in urine or semen

Stage of prostate cancer

There are four stages with the fifth stage was added, called the stage repeatedly. As we move through this article, we’ll know the phase one after the other.

Phase I
Tumor cells found in the prostate organ. Also, the cells are not aggressive and not in a position to pose a danger.

Phase 2
The tumor cells found in the prostate not increased; However, the condition becomes more aggressive in nature with the tumor gets bigger. The tumor did not begin to spread and still defined to the prostate.

Stage 3
The tumor has spread the capsule that contains the prostate gland and can also spread to the seminal vesicles.

Stage 4
The tumor has spread to other organs besides the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.


This is a sign that once treated; cancer has reached back. If the tumor does not return, it can said that people who healed.

Many natural foods can prevent the condition of prostate cancer. Increase your intake of tomatoes can help tomatoes get higher levels of lycopene can help protect the prostate and keep it healthy. Soybeans and nuts also known to be good for the prostate as it contains isoflavones. This prohibits the growth of all types of cancer cells and prevents prostate enlargement.

Orange contains high levels of Vitamin C, minerals and the relationship between cancer and a variety of other plant chemicals that prevent prostate enlargement and also protect against prostate cancer and cancer as well as other types. Vegetables such as spinach and broccoli recommended for the prevention of prostate cancer. Other foods like green tea, cold water fish, and nuts also help in the prevention of prostate enlargement and cancer.

It is necessary to detect advanced prostate cancer symptoms early. The gradual increase of the prostate in men as they age naturally. Keep the record of the advanced prostate cancer symptoms such as excessive urination at night, painful urination, fever and a urinary tract infection recurrence cancer or not.

Cancer if detected can be cured. There are radiation and chemotherapy treatments for cancer removal from the body. Along with seeking treatment for cancer is important to stay safe and be happy. A cheerful and positive attitude can go a long way in curing all cancers prostate cancer not only.