ADD Symptoms in Children

add symptoms in children
ADD symptoms in children checklist

Do your children have ADD? Attention deficit disorder or Add though it affects both children and adults, it is still usually seen in children. There is a problem regarding the attention span and hyperactivity also observed. It’s normal for children to daydream during class, rarely forgot to do their homework, acting without thinking or get restless at the dinner table. There is a lot of research on ADD symptoms in children and characteristics that can observe in children.

The ADD symptoms in children are different

As mentioned, the key behavior patterns observed in children who are hyperactive, impulsive, excess and lack of attention. Most of the time, these add symptoms in children ignored because they are confused by the attitude of playful children. However, the alarm Bell Rings if the ADD child has the following symptoms for six months or more and if the symptoms are more prominent than in other children.

The lack of attention, it is include:

Easily distracted from the focus
Difficulty learning something new
Not paying attention when he addressed
Easily confused and bewildered
Day dreaming
Struggling to follow instructions

Hyperactive and impulsive, it is include:

Exceptionally impatient and talk
Blurting out inappropriate comments
Disruptive conversations
Play and touch anything that comes their way
Squirming and fidgeting

Options for treating ADD symptoms in children

Talk therapy

Parents always tell children, what not to do. Unfortunately, because of this, the kids never listen and then get encouraged to undertake activities restricted. If your child has ADD, say your child is ‘ what not to do,’ can make your worst nightmare come true. Instead, sit down and talk things with your child. Speech therapy shows, ADD can cure if family members demonstrate their support, love, and care, by giving your time and listening to children, because after all, communication is always the easiest way to resolve the problem.

Behavioral therapy

Your kids may have a habit of overreacting against particular situation demands. For example, a simple denial may be taken very aggressive compared to other children. It can react with violence, which might have become a habit. ADD behavior modification techniques to help your child to control behavior, by controlling the way they feel.

Article therapy

This therapy is also one of the alternative treatment options for ADD. This therapy uses books, articles and other reading materials to help cope with a patient with ADD symptoms in children. Then, the article therapy indicates that people who understand the problem better and profound, with gathering information about it as possible. The information collected indicates a tool to control hyperactivity issues.

Cognitive therapy

Cognitive side helps us to see, learn and reason. This method is the cognitive side evokes the emotions and feelings inside of us. Also, at times, can bring us to an adverse action, which takes years to resolve. Cognitive behavioral therapy is working as efficiently as it helps people to challenge their minds, analyze them and exceed their hurdles. Gradually, ADD patients are starting to realize the futility of a dangerous mind and recognizes the importance of thinking before acting.

The other ADD treatment

Other treatment options include the use of ADD medications prescribed by a medical practitioner. However, the treatment mentioned above will give you greater results if they do with optimism and commitment. Here’s your chance to help your child, unique talents, hidden under the clothing of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Lastly …
If your children diagnosed with add, do not lose hope. With the help of a professional and relevant counseling, the ADD symptoms in children can get rid. So if you see the ADD symptoms in your child, and if the symptoms persist for more than six months, please do not hesitate to seek help from a doctor. Counseling and medication have been designed to help heal the ADD on your child.