In most cases of food poisoning, signs of food poisoning resembling the flu and intestinal last a few hours. But in the state of botulism, food poisoning strikes or when

Have you ever get food poisoning from chicken? Positively, you will have questions included all of the above. Besides, you don’t assume it to happen after eating chicken sandwiches, nuggets,

What type of fire extinguisher? Extinguishers usually available on fire equipment includes dry chemical and pressurized water. Some Departments may have access to “clean agent” extinguishers, or it placed in

What is salmonella? Salmonella is a type of bacteria that live in the environment of high protein. It often found by amphibians such as turtles, frogs, and lizards. Salmonella bacteria

How does radiation work? Radiation therapy is the application of different forms of radiation to effectively treat cancer and other illnesses. The radiation Oncology can use radiation to treat cancer,

What does Botox do? Botox is mainly to prevent the muscles from contracting. There are many Botox therapies available. However, there are two types of methods are economical and used