AFFF fire extinguisher is the most common type of portable foam fire extinguishers. Many people do not realize that it considered as one of the most effective ways to put

Halotron fire extinguisher designed for streaming applications on the handheld and portable. This is the world’s most distributed based halocarbon clean agent extinguishing. Halotron fire extinguisher are ideal for handling

In the United States, fire safety is a very important aspect of everyday life. In fact, the Government is implementing strict regulations and standards when it comes to fire safety

HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis critical control point”. HACCP is a food safety management system which recognized that allow food safety measures. It is important in the food business identified

In real life, we will see law enforcement officers, fire rescue and construction workers dressed in neon or bright ANSI class 2 safety vest. What is the purpose of wearing